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Girls Scout book donationRecognizing how reading helps to develop a young child's brain, Kate Colella (Girls Scout Troop#16282) collected and dropped off books for Tender Care waiting rooms to encourage kids to read. Many thanks for your noble act and wish you all the best. /div>

Welcome to Tender Care!

Our sincere thanks to all our families for voting us "Best of the Press GOLD” for “Best Pediatrician
Congratulations to Dr. Padma Mandalapu for being selected as winner of Philadelphia magazine Top Doctors 2018 and 2019.

Philadelphia Magazine Top Doctors>
Dr. Padma Mandalapu, M.S., M.D.

Serving our community with distinction since 2000, Tender Care Pediatrics is guided by a commitment to offering accessible children’s health care that is of the highest quality and compassion. Our professional team of board-certified pediatric providers and staff is dedicated to the guiding principle that all children, from newborns to teenagers, deserve access to the best health care possible. Designed to be cheerful and child-friendly, our office design also incorporates a true start to finish, sick-side and well-side configuration to keep our children as healthy as possible. In short, our mission is to keep our children healthy and happy.

It is with great sadness, we inform you that we will no longer be able to schedule patients with Dr. Chang due to his recent move to Connecticut. While Dr. Chang, his family, and his presence in this community will be missed beyond words, we understand this decision is in his and his family’s best interest. We are forever grateful to have him as part of the Tender Care Family, and he will always have a place here. As we bid farewell to Dr. Chang, we remember him as one of the best pediatricians in the area, an unrivaled business partner, an amazing friend and colleague and above all, an extraordinary human being! Through these difficult times, we thank our patients for all the love and support they extended to us! I promise that with the help of Dr. Mirone, Lauren, and our wonderful staff we will continue to provide the best possible care to all our patients and their families. The vision I had for Tender Care which is detailed in Dr. Chang's farewell letter (click here to view) has not changed and will not change.

I thank you all for trusting us and allowing us to take care of your life’s most precious gift- your children!

Best regards,

Dr. Padma

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Our Services

Well Care

Our comprehensive care program begins in the newborn nursery or shortly thereafter and continues
with regular check-ups. During these well visits, your child’s growth and development are carefully monitored with an emphasis on anticipatory guidance and prevention. Administered per the CDC and AAP recommendations, vaccines are an important component of this care plan.

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Sick Care
Urgent Care

Sick care needs of children is very different from adults. Accidents happen. So does illness. We understand tough times that parents go through when their little ones are sick or injured. To take care of your needs, same-day appointments are usually available so that children may be evaluated promptly. Our hours of operation will expand to provide more appointment options.

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Other Services
Sports Injuries, Lactation help,..

We have physicians who are trained in treating injuries, concussions, and providing breast feeding help. We believe that our physicians will not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

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Growing Up In The Digital Age-
Nowadays, children are spending a considerable amount of time on digital devices. Along with televisions, smart phones, texting, and video games, many children now own personal computers, digital music players, and the Internet to fill every waking minute. Evidence suggests that even toddlers and preschoolers now joining the digital masses. To be aware of the consequences and possible solutions, it's worth watching this movie and encourage kids to watch too.

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Measles Explained — Vaccinate or Not?
Lately, a new case of Measles being diagnosed in Lakewood, Ocean County. Everybody is talking about the Measles – but what does the virus actually do in the body? Is it really so harmful that you require a vaccination? This video explains by going deep into the body of an infected person, informs what Measles does and how the immune system reacts to it! Watch the video..

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